Wishes Granted

Holiday to Disneyland Florida for 7-year-old Oliver who has Leukaemia

Funding given to supply a keep fit instructor to offer therapy for the elderly at a local day care centre.

Specialised cot bed for 4-year-old Mustafa who has Cerebral Palsy

Holiday to Disneyland Florida for Jack and his brother Sam who both have Noonan’s Syndrome

Funds given for a family support day for parents with children suffering from the extremely rare genetic - Zellweger Spectrum

Holiday to Disneyland Paris for David aged 3 who is awaiting open heart surgery

Holiday to swim with the dolphins in Florida for 9-year-old Beth who is suffering from Refractory Epilepsy

Specialised therapy following major surgery for 4-year-old Lily who has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy

Holiday to Euro Disney for 4-year-old Debbie who suffers from a rare and progressive Condition called Late Infantile Gangliosidosis

Specialised knee support for 12-year-old Andrew who has Cerebral Palsy

Posture supporting seat for 13-year-old Richard who has Cerebral Palsy

Funding given to supply a singing teacher to offer music therapy to a group of elderly who suffer with dementia.

Funding for 12 severely disabled young people to travel to Disneyland Florida along with the necessary medical staff and their carers.

Funding for a number of organised group holidays for the disabled